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Friday, December 22 2017

If you haven't been paying attention, the Republican party is about to pass a new tax bill that is SOOOOO Republican in nature.  Let the rich get richer...and let the poor and middle class hump the load with a bigger tax bill to pay for everything.

And if you think for a second that this bill will benefit you, the Worker Bee, just read up on Reagan's "trickle down economics" from the 1980s and see how that played out.  (Spoiler alert: Companies DID NOT "pass down" what their tax savings to their employees in bigger paychecks, more workers, bonuses, etc.  Real estate investors and those purchasing real estate were hit with the highest interest rates for mortgages IN HISTORY.  And, oh, I can't forget...our stock market CRASHED in 1987 and threw us into a pretty heavy recession thereafter.  THAT is what happened.  How soon we forget.)

This is what WILL do in the middle class, for good.  This is that "inciting incident" (or the incident that triggers a downfall of some kind) of the destruction of the middle class.

We're going into a recession.  RIGHT NOW, in fact.  I've been telling you this for the past year.  Listen to me.

But, you may be thinking, "What can I do about it?"

First of all, if you know the rich are getting richer while the poor will keep getting poorer, you only have ONE solution to that problem:  YOU MUST BECOME RICH!  Period.  No exceptions!  Become RICH so YOU can benefit from all these wealthy tax breaks.

"But how can I do that?" you whine.  Maybe you don't have a clue.  Maybe you think you don't have resources.


That is true, to some extent.

There's a powerful audio seminar I'd like you to listen to.  CLICK HERE.  This will really bring it home for you, make you fully understand exactly how you can "come up" in the world of wealth building (even if you have nothing right now), and how there ARE resources for you to get just for the asking.  You just have to know what to do.

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There are so many changes that took place during our last economic downfall in 2008 and thereafter.  Things are about to shift in a major way AGAIN.  Just when everybody barely got a breath, things are shifting beneath your feet.  If you're not ready, you're not going to survive.

Life is nothing but a series of choices.  You CAN make a simple choice before these upcoming changes occur.  Either stay broke and get poorer because you'd rather be a helpless "victim" in all this.

Or you can choose to get rich.

Your choice.  Very simple!

CLICK HERE to listen to this powerful audio seminar now.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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