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Wednesday, April 19 2017
100K in 100 Days!
My Newest Book: Just Released...
100K in 100 Days
I decided to write and release my newest book post-Easter and post-Tax Day because I want to do something special with the proceeds of this book: I'm putting all the money I get into which is a website that helps fund small businesses worldwide.
Yes, it's a website that loans the money to these small businesses in mostly third-world countries where credit and loans is nearly impossible to get otherwise.  But what I do is that once the loans are repaid, I ALWAYS put the money back into someone else's business so I keep the money within the system without ever taking it out.  It grows and grows with small amounts of interest which I keep using to fund other people's businesses when I get the money back through repayments.
How awesome would it be knowing that YOU are helping business owners WORLDWIDE to fund their small businesses, helping to CHANGE THE WORLD one business and one person at a time??
This is my contribution to Earth Day which is coming up on Saturday. Yes, yes...I know: Earth Day is supposed to be about helping the Earth but...this is kind of the same to me.  We're helping PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE EARTH grow their small businesses, many from scratch without any other possibilities in getting their businesses going otherwise.  And I think it's perfectly fitting since we're all entrepreneurs ourselves.  Right?
We in America are spoiled.  We have access to money (via credit) and tons of opportunity and possibility for us, even though many of us fail to see what we have here.  But many people all around the world don't have access to cash or a lot of opportunity yet they're always hustling.  And I have a soft spot in my heart for the hustler.  (To be a hustler is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing at all.  More Americans really need to hustle to become financially successful as they dream to be.)
The Offer You Can't Refuse...
For this cause for Earth Day, I'm selling my book for a super low price. AND I'm giving you BONUSES GALORE with all the books that I ship out including my Treasure Map, a brand new audio seminar on making 100K in 100 days, and a flash drive worth $197 with the most valuable mind-blowing stuff on'll just have to see it to realize just how powerful it is.  So, essentially you're getting just under $300 of stuff for only $19.95 plus shipping/handing.
Such a deal that you'd be a complete fool not to participate in doing this!
PLUS, as I already mentioned, I'm donating ALL of the proceeds to small business owners (mostly women) all around the world through  I'm not benefiting from the sale of this book at all.  But you will be (by getting all the bonuses) and small business entrepreneurs all over the world will be as well...all because of YOU!

There is a deadline on getting these bonuses.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
Monica Main
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