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Tuesday, May 24 2016

Yesterday I donated all of my suits to a transitional house for women coming out of battered/abusive relationships.  I donated every suit...except for one.  The last one I wore in Vegas when I did my last seminar event was the lucky keeper.  I decided to keep it...for old time's sake.  Or in case I need it for court.  Or a funeral.  Or just to let it collect dust.  For now anyway.

During my Vegas event, I had a hard time getting through.  I was kind of under the weather and I realized then and there that I don't want to give up any more time with my daughter doing these events out of state.  So, that's it.  I just completed my last seminar event.  And I'm across between freaking out and being thoroughly elated.  The final emotion hasn't landed yet.  I'll keep you posted when it finally does.

But I went out with a bang.  That's for sure.  This Vegas Money Funnel Event was truly amazing.  Much better than the event in March, hands down.  Maybe it's because I perfected it.  Or maybe because I added a whole new element for the "advanced" Money Funnel Strategies, never before revealed to anyone until this event.  In fact, one specific strategy was so exclusive that I actually kept it from someone who had been hounding me for this one ground-breaking strategy on mass market distribution...for TWO MONTHS since I discovered it.  I made him wait until the second day of the event when I revealed it...and he sat there listening intently, jaw agape when I finally revealed it.  Yes, it was THAT powerful.  So powerful that you could hear a pin drop in the room when I was slowly divulging the details of this mind-blowing strategy.

And I just got the videos delivered to my office yesterday afternoon.  They're being duplicated now and will be ready for our first shipments by Thursday of this week.

I warn you though.  This stuff is for serious die-hards who are fully committed to understanding and implementing the Money Funnel Strategies, starting from the most basic elements all the way through large-scale multi-million-dollar secrets that I've never told my students about before this event.  This is NOT for tire-kickers, people who merely talk about success but never get around to doing it (until "someday" comes), or people who don't want to roll up their sleeves to get their new business going.  No, this is definitely not for that crowd.  It's only for those of you who are ready for the utmost powerful strategies that will bowl you over like nothing else will.  Guaranteed.

I want you to check out my short audio seminar and then scroll down to the very bottom where you'll watch some of my testimonials from this amazing event.  CLICK HERE or visit right now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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