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Tuesday, March 17 2015

Last Friday I saw an omen.  I saw a coyote in broad daylight on my way to work.  I even saw his eyes...a yellow-brown color.

And I knew the sh** was about to hit the fan because coyote medicine has never been a good omen for me.

Yesterday I get that awesome letter from the IRS that we all look forward to with baited breath.  And this one is going to tell me that they're taking all of my tax refund for a debt from 2000 that I paid off more than 10 years ago.

Except here's the problem: All of my records from that time frame have been purged.  After all, "they" (the government themselves) say that you only have to keep records for a max of 10 years before "safely" getting rid of them because they're of no use anymore, right?

Well, folks, that's the scam.  Right there.  Because what the IRS and the Department of Treasury won't tell you is that any "debt" they deem you owe with them will NEVER expire. It can be a 50-year-old debt (or older) and it will never expire, never go away, and apparently after you pay it and "safely" purge your old records from over a decade ago (because they disappeared, as many bill collectors will after they are paid in full), they will resurface like the gigantic destructive sea serpents they are to collect on a debt that, they'll claim, you never paid.

"Oh, you don't have any proof of that payment back over 10 years ago?  Oh, well.  I guess you'll just have to pay it again then."

Beware!  This is the latest IRS and Department of Treasury scam.  And who are you to (a) fight the government, and (b) have any proof even that this debt was paid?

Even worse, the IRS is seizing the bank accounts of anyone who is foreign (but legally here) who owns a legitimate mostly-cash based business because, well..."Didn't know know the IRS laws surrounding cash deposits into your bank accounts?  Oh no?  You didn't? Well, I guess you're running an illegal operation so...we'll be taking that money.  Thank you very much."

Doesn't matter that these people are running a completely legal above-board convenience store in their community where most people pay for things in cash.  The government doesn't want people paying with cash.  Gives them less seizing control over the money when they're broke and need it most.  And they'll pick on foreigners who don't know they have any rights.

Like now.  The U.S. Government is not doing really well financially.  In fact, after now dealing with this new-old IRS issue from 15 years ago, I'm quickly starting to realize that the government is in the Rob-Peter-to-Pay-Paul mode as to disguise how devastating the cash-crunch situation is with our country.  I think the money situation within our government is much worse than they'll ever lead anyone onto believing.

So, the strategy:  Since they have to pay for an over-bloated defense budget coupled with keeping the freeloaders on welfare dependent on the system, they have to steal that money from somewhere.  And it's going to be in a way where they can target the weakest links: foreigners with cash businesses and anyone with old debts with any government agency/department who wouldn't possibly have records of these debts being paid off.

And that could be you.  Especially if you had an old IRS debt that you paid off.  Don't be surprised that AFTER you threw away that proof of that debt being paid, all of a sudden they come back to haunt you, stating that you didn't pay a single cent toward it.

This is basically what my sweet IRS letter was about.  Even worse, they won't tell me what I "owe" and refuse to give me an itemization of anything.

Now I have to have an attorney step in and deal with it.

Did you know that most Americans can't afford an attorney to deal with situations like this? Again, this is something else the IRS and Department of Treasury will bank on.  It's a numbers game.  They know that about 90% or higher of the people they harass and seize money from won't have the financial ability to fight it by hiring an attorney.  Some will (less than 10% or probably an even lower percentage) but most won't have the resources, especially after the government will steal the resources from them.

Here's a tip:  If you're like most Americans who have had issues with the IRS, make sure you NEVER throw away ANY of those records.  I don't care about the 10-year rule.  No rules apply to the U.S. Government, as you should well know by now.  (They are hitting me with something that's 15 years old this month...and I have no proof to show that they've been paid in full.  Not a scrap of paper.  And I can't even go to my bank to get the cashier's check because the bank purged that our of their system at the 10-year mark.  How f****** convenient for the IRS, right??)  So, save those records, including tax returns, FOREVER!!

You know...I was just thinking about something last night and I actually had a one-second panic attack.  I'm like, "Holy shit, I'm not going to get Social Security because of this!"  And then I started laughing at the ridiculousness.  Maybe it's because my monthly SS may be about $1,200 a month (give or take) by then.  And what the hell am I going to do with $1,200 a month?  By then I'll probably need a minimum of $10,000 a month just to survive.

I suddenly envisioned myself making pies and selling them on a street corner which would make well over what SS would pay me...since I won't ever qualify to get that money.  Forget how I've worked since I was 14, paying into this pot before most people even think about getting a job.  Or that I'm an American citizen.  I simply won't get it.  (We have to make sure the freeloading welfare recipients keep getting paid, you know.  Doesn't matter if they're legal or not.  Meanwhile hard-working Americans have to keep feeding these deadbeats.)

And you want to know something?  I actually didn't care about the notion of working till I die.  In fact, I sort of expected that this would be the case.  I'd have more than enough in passive income anyway to keep me afloat so I didn't have to sell pies (or crack) on a street corner when I'm 82 years old.  My only fear -- and this is a very real fear -- is that I won't be mentally stable enough to pull this off?  Will I have dementia or Alzheimer's disease and I won't be able to perform on any type of commerce level?  That was my only real fear in all this because I don't mind working till I drop dead.

The other fear was...will I really live till 82 or longer?  What a drag that would be along with all the other "benefits" of being that old including crapping my pants and not being able to walk to the mail box without breaking my hip.

Most of you know that I just did my 2-day Internet Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar.  It was a very intense event.  I have to admit that it's been the hardest and most intellectually taxing event I've done in many years because of how in-depth my presentation was.  I left no stone unturned.  Every single detail one would need to start an Internet business from scratch was revealed.

I told my students in the group:  I have no fears of losing everything (even to the scandalously broke bottom-feeding government of ours) because I can start over at any time and be back to where I'm at wealth-wise within a few months.  And everything I know to do this I taught to my group over my 2-day seminar this past weekend!

But I will warn you.  This information is both cutting-edge but short-lived.  It'll help you build a multi-million-dollar business between now and a few years from now but after'll have to learn a whole new set of marketing strategies by 2018 to fit with our ever-changing New Economy.

I had a kick-ass event.  Lots of testimonials (which I'll put up in a few days).  Lots of amazing wealth-building strategies that, guaranteed, NO ONE will ever show you.  I packed 20 years of marketing experience with the most cutting-edge Internet marketing strategies into 2 short days.

And it can make you very wealthy IF you follow the steps exactly as I lay out.

The videos for this event are available NOW and they are available at a SUPER LOW PRICE.  Here's the link:

This deal on these videos ends very soon.

Also, I didn't officially start marketing my upcoming event for Vegas on May 15th and 16th but it's my first 2-day No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar.  (Say that 10 times in a row!)  I already have 26 people registered and I didn't even tell anyone (except my Internet seminar attendees) yet.  Vegas will be awesome and I absolutely cannot wait.  And yes, I have another kick-ass partnership opportunity to present that will ONLY be applicable (and usable) to those who attend this phenomenal event.  So, clear your schedule for this kick-ass upcoming seminar!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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