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Investor Direct Mentorship Group 

How to Connect DIRECTLY With Real Live Investor Partners with a Powerful, Super Intense BRAND NEW 9-Week Investor Direct Mentorship Group

This 9-Week Online Mentorship Group is Conducted by Both Monica Main and Andrew Shaw

Sorry for the choppy audio. I was sitting on the beach in Hawaii when I recorded it.  ;-)

It's not enough to know how to find investors, how to build proposals or websites to attract or interest investors or even what types of deals to construct to get investors wanting to invest into your deals and projects.  Because...

Investor partners come in 2 types: mass wealthy and major players.

Mass wealthy are your doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals who have liquid cash for deals, want to invest, but have no time or knowledge to do it.  They usually have between $100,000 to $500,000 cash to invest in deals.  Major players are either multi-millionaire or billionaire business owners and/or investors, have endless amounts of cash to put into deals, but they know the business well and have the resources required to pull off their own deals.

Work With OUR "Major Player" Investors Who Have MILLIONS IN CASH to Invest In Your Real Estate Deals and Business Ventures

On your own, you'll be dealing with the mass wealth or people who sort of fall in between the mass wealthy and major player state.  If you want to work with the MAJOR PLAYERS, that's where me and Andrew come in!  Because our guys have access to MILLIONS IN CASH for your real estate deals and business ventures!

In order to deal with these types of wealthy people, you have to know which types of deals they're looking for, how to latch onto those types of deals, how to build a stellar investment project proposal, and how to present your deal or business plan to them in such a way that they'd be crazy not to invest with you.

Plus, wouldn't it be nice to then be directly introduced to these investors with your new deal or polished proposal that you just completed?  Wouldn't it be nice to know HOW to put together these proposals to get them accepted?  And even going one more step backwards, wouldn't it be awesome to know which types of property deals and WHERE these investors are most likely to invest to ensure that your deal is accepted?

We Will Show You Which Kinds of Deals These Investors Want, WHERE These Investors Are Most Prone to Invest in a Deal, and HOW to Build the Very Best Proposal Using Our SUPER EASY Brand New Proposal Template That Has Already Gotten MILLIONS in Investor Partner Funds

This is what the new 9-week Investor Direct Online Mentorship Group is all about.  It's designed to walk you through the entire process AND directly introduce you to real live investor partners during this 9-week specialized mentorship group that won't be offered for a long. 

The nice thing about this very unique and rare mentorship is that you'll be guided through the entire process.  You'll be able to successfully:

  • Find a hot deal or business opportunity that our investors are most likely to be interested in
  • Let me and Andrew look at it FIRST to make sure it's a deal the investors will fund
  • Work the numbers and determine splits (equity and cash flow)
  • Build a plan and proposal that will tantilize investors using our BRAND NEW template
  • Create a short and sweet PowerPoint presentation to virtually guarantee an investor coming on board
  • Create a simple 5 to 10 minute video for outlining your PowerPoint presentation
  • The basics of building a simple website to attract investors and give them more info on your deals/projects
  • Direct contact with real live investor partners once you have a completed basic proposal together
  • One-on-one advice on how to communicate with these investors to give you a highly probable and virtually guaranteed acceptance of your profitable deal
  • And much, much more

This mentorship group is unique because Andrew Shaw is bringing investors into the mentorship group.   These are bona-fide investors who are actively and aggressively looking to invest in deals RIGHT NOW while the market is heating up...and fast!

This is much different than my Raising Capital Mentorship Group (that I had done YEARS ago) because with this group, we already have the investors built in and waiting to get your completed proposals (that you'll be learning how to do in this group).  With my Raising Capital Mentorship Group, I show you how to build a different type of proposal and how to attract your own investors online.

But with the Investor-Direct Mentorship Group, you'll be building your proposals to a specific type of requirement for this specific set of investors.  We'll also be telling you which types of deals to be looking at and which to build a proposal around so that it's accepted with these investor partners we're working with for this mentorship group.

Once your proposal is completed, it'll be submitted directly to the investors.  They will look at it and then contact you directly to work with you on the deal.  Many times they'll be supplying the down payment on the deal and giving you a split of the gained equity and monthly cash flow.  Other times (as for vacant REO deals), they'll have to supply 100% cash to close the deal.  Either way, you'll be guided through the complete process on exactly what to do!

Bonus #1:  We'll Be Showing All Active Mentorship Group Students How to Gain Access to a $1,000,000 Unsecured Business Line of Credit (BLOC)

PLUS, we'll also be working with you on how to build a $1,000,000 BLOC (business line of credit) during this 9-week mentorship group!  Yes, that's right.  A $1,000,000 BLOC.  This is unsecured cash you'll be able to use for business deals or property acquisitions (preferred).  And this is the FIRST of TWO incredibly powerful bonuses that we're offering to all of our active mentorship group students.

Bonus #2:  Get the Powerful Multi-Page Sales Letter That I Have Used Several Times to Get Investor Partner Funds Via WSJ and IBD Ads

A few months ago when trying to get funding for a deal that was about to fall through, I had an epiphany.  Why not use my sales letter writing skills to place ads, have investors respond to these ads, and then mail them (via FedEx) a sales letter (like I do with other marketing I do) and just sell the investor on a deal and how awesome it is using my tested-and-proven sales letter format.  I did it and it worked so well that I had SEVERAL investors vying for ONE deal and my "problem" was trying to appease the others that didn't arrive at my door fast enough to take part in the deal.

So, how does this powerful MILLION-DOLLAR LETTER work?  I simply placed a classified ad in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Investor's Business Daily (IBD) for an incredible surge of response.  I had investors call a phone number where they left their name and mailing address with a live operator.  I then mailed them the sales letter for my deal.  AND THAT'S ALL I DID!  I had 6 of the 104 interested investors who responded to the ad want to lay over $6 million CASH into a deal I had!  THAT is how powerful this is.  So if you're one of those cheap or lazy people who doesn't see the value in this then this definitely is not the strategy for you; it's only for those of you who really understand how wealthy you can get from a letter and strategy like this, which I'll be showing you how to do FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in full detail during this mentorship group!

So now, for the first time ever, I'm going to make that sales letter available ONLY to those who are active participants in this mentorship group.  (And you won't be getting this letter until toward the END of this group.  No exceptions.  I first have to show you how to use it, after all.)  And this is the SECOND of TWO incredibly powerful bonuses that we're offering to all of our active mentorship group students.

WARNING:  Most Mass Wealthy Investors Will Remain in "Watch-and-Wait" Mode for 2 or More Years; Only MAJOR PLAYERS Will Invest Now As the Market Continues Dropping!

Many of the mass wealthy I've been working with over the years stopped investing with me last year.  This is because of the tumultuousness of the stock market in recent months starting with the largest single-day drop in the DOW in history last year.  So, if you want to invest in property or a new business venture and you need money, guess what?  You need to go to the MAJOR PLAYERS to get this money.  Not only will you be able to access the MAJOR PLAYERS that both Andrew and I bring to the table but I'll show you how to beat your own MAJOR PLAYERS out from the bushes...and how to propose to them so that they'll invest in your deal or proposal!  How freaking incredible is THAT?

So, if you stand a chance in getting the down payment cash, rehab cash, or acquisition cash from any source between now and the years to come, it WILL have to come from private investors.  And I know how to get you that money.  Now only will you access OUR resources but you'll know how to easily find your own within 36 hours or less.  GUARANTEED!

ONE MORE BONUS for Full-Pay Registrants ONLY!

I have ONE more bonus for those of you who pay in full!  I have the BRAND NEW Motherload Resource Directory for 2019 ready to go.  This has hundreds of sources to get CASH for your deals and for business start-ups and other ventures.  I also have my $20,000 to $200,000 Money Guy as a BONUS RESOURCE in this directory who can get you up to $200,000 in UNSECURED CASH that you can use FOR ANYTHING.  This 2019 Motherload Resource Directory is the MOTHERLOAD OF MOTHERLOADS and you will be shipped this FOR FREE as a full-pay registrant of this mentorship group as long as you order BY THE DEADLINE BELOW!

You definitely do not want to miss this opportunity to join this 9-week online mentorship group, especially since this group will be offered for a short time only.
Your Mentor,

How These Mentorship Groups Work and What You Need to Know

In case you're new to the world of Monica Main and know nothing about how these mentorship groups work, here's what you need to know:  These groups are conducted 100% online.  You don't need to attend the live session, as the replay will be given to you via email and on your Member's Only Page once the live webinar concludes.  You will be given all materials as needed throughout the group as we go along.  We ask that you just "go with the flow" of the group, don't jump ahead, and just complete the assignments as given week to week.  After the conclusion of each live webinar, you will be given an Action Sheet with a listing of items discussed in the live webinar.  It's cricital that you watch the replay (if you didn't attend live) FIRST before completing the items on the Action Sheet.  All items on the Action Sheet MUST be completed BEFORE the next live event starts!

There will be 9 live webinars, each done on the same day and at the same time each week unless you are notified otherwise about a schedule change (which is rare).  Again, if you are unable to attend the live webinar, you will be given a video replay to watch later at your convenience so don't ever worry about missing anything.  As long as you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can enjoy this mentorship group from anywhere in the world so don't miss it!


Deadline to Register:  Tuesday, January 22nd at 5pm Pacific Time!

Investor-Direct 9-Week Mentorship Group

January 23rd - March 19th

FULL PAY OPTION (Extra Bonus: 2019 Motherload Resource Directory)

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Our refund policy on mentorship groups are as follows:  There are NO refunds on mentorship groups!  If, during about halfway through the group, you find that you are too far behind, we can perhaps offer you store credit for the balance you paid to apply toward another Monica Main product since we cannot "transfer" you to a "like" group because this is a ONE-TIME-ONLY group for 2019.  We adhere to a very strict policy of no refunds for any of our groups.  This is because we offer so many money sources that cannot be taken back if you decide to no longer participate in the group. Therefore, you either know you want to come and take advantage of this or you don't.  But this is a choice you do need to make NOW before you register.  Thank you!

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