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Yes, the Economic Sands Have YET AGAIN Shifted Beneath Our Feet.  Now We Have All of 2013 and 2014 to Flip SFRs (Single-Family Residences) for HUGE PROFITS...But the Window of Opportunity is VERY SHORT!

How to Make $20,000 a Month or More Flipping Houses Using NONE of Your Own Cash and NONE of Your Own Credit!


Find Out the Secrets of Getting $1,000,000 Unsecured Line of Business Credit With a Unique and Very Specific Step-by-Step Strategy!

If You Couldn't Make the 3-Day Flipping Frenzy Phenomenon Event...Don't Fret and Don't Be Upset!  (Life's Too Short!)  You Can Discover Absolutely Everything We Revealed As If You Were a Fly on the Wall With the Complete Video Set of This Event!

Dear Real Estate Investor,

Last year I started investing in SFRs (single-family residences) as buy-and-hold investment properties because, cost-per-door/unit was (and still is) CHEAPER than getting an apartment building.

And tenants PREFER renting a house than an apartment.

But here's a NEW CHANGE in our recent real estate shift.  Guess what's come back?!

Make a FORTUNE Flipping Houses for Quick Cash AND for Investing in Passive Income Property Deals

I keep telling my students that things are changing...quickly.  At whiplash speed!

What's strange is that I always thought our much faster paced life was due to technology.  When they say that it took Rome 1,000 years to fall, I always say that it will happen much faster for us because we are moving faster.  Back then it would take 2 weeks for someone to deliver a message to someone else by carrier pigeon or horseback or however they did it back then.  Today a message is delivered across the world in a split second.

Everything is happening so fast that it's becoming almost surreal in a nauseating spinny-type fashion that it makes most of us wonder if we're not really on a long LSD or magic mushroom trip.  (I never took LSD or mushrooms before but I watch movies.)

My point:  If you don't keep up, you lose.  And fast!

This is actually disheartening when you think about it.  Especially for those of us who are getting up there in age and we don't want to keep up at a break-neck speed anymore.  I'm a Gen-Xer.  I "sort of" grew up with technology if you want to include computers being introduced in junior high for me.  And it makes me sick to think that now my 4-year-old is showing me stuff on the iPad when I can't figure simple things out.

Sick and scary for what's to come.

We got one thing working for us for all you Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers out there.  We're not lazy.  We know what hard work is.  And we're willing to expend a bit of elbow grease to make sh** happen.  The younger generation isn't.  Technology will make things easy for them but, sadly, many won't actually learn how to write by hand or be willing to pick up a freakin' broom to sweep the floor.  (A robot will be able to do that for them soon.)

"Okay, Monica must be rambling..." you're thinking, right?  Stay with me.

Real estate is "old school."  Technology is not.  Real estate is something that won't be changing with the trends of today's highly tech world.  Technology will be vastly different in 10 years from now than it is right now, today.

And that sucks!  That means you cannot possibly stay ahead of the trends or at least figure out what's going to be happening in the next decade.

But...real estate will be around.  Making money.  And hopefully (and ideally) making money FOR YOU if you play your cards right.

Why put yourself in a situation where you (someone presumably getting up there in age like I am) are at the whim of the rapidly-changing landscape of technology when you don't have to be?

Instead, stay with the trends of real estate.  That's all you have to do!

And the trends are shifting again!

It's shifted back to Square One...FLIPPING SFRs for fun and profit.  This is where all super successful real estate investors start...and you get to start off at ground level!

"Wait...Flipping SFRs? What...Are You a 'Guru' Sell-Out Now, Monica?"

I know, it's weird.

But I can only tell it like it is. When there are economic changes happening so fast, bringing old opportunities back into light, it's MY JOB to bring you these changes and opportunities AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE before the opportunity is gone!

Plus, I realized that the biggest problem with my students is that they don't have the needed cash to do deals.  And you need cash to compete in today's heating up real estate market...particularly since you'll be competing with other investors who have cash.  The days of 100% seller financing are officially gone, folks!

Flipping SFRs is your quickest way to get cash for your long-term buy-and-hold properties that you will be ultimately using as your retirement vehicle.

And since I've been making money doing this, I feel that it would be almost criminal in nature if I wasn't showing you exactly what I'm doing to raise tons of cash to inject into my buy-and-hold assets. Otherwise, what kind of "guru" would I be teaching you stuff that's only a part of what I'm doing? That wouldn't be fair. So, I won't do that to you.

Also, with these flipping strategies, you have 2 years to do this. Then it's over.

Flipping is how I got started in 1995. I had to stop several years later because flipping dried up and I was getting killed on Capital Gains Taxes. (I knew nothing of the 1031 Exchange until much later.)

As you know, the economy always goes in cycles. I like to think of them going in full circles. Just like the economy, I have gone in full circle, ending up working with strategies that I initially used to get started in this business.

The only difference...I'm now carrying with me 18 years experience and I can now give the ULTIMATE MONEY-MAKING WEALTH SYSTEM to my students with NO MISSING PIECES.

What I wish I knew almost 2 decades ago when I got started is a huge secret I'm going to pound into your head until you are so punch-drunk from hearing it that you'll probably not be able to utter any other words than "aggressive income funneled into passive income...aggressive income funneled into passive income equals passive cash forever..."

You'll Be Given EVERY TOOL I Wish I Had PLUS You'll Be Given the Investors to Work With Too!

Not only will I be telling you everything you need to know to take this LAST CHANCE in the market (before things get crazy good in our economy) but I'll be sharing with you investor partners who want to capitalize on this SFR flipping opportunity in as many areas of the country as possible before the opportunity is gone forever.

These multi-millionaires are looking for investors like you all over the country (where they don't have connections) to partner in on SFR flipping deals to make a profit.  Most of these investors are based in the Detroit and east-coast areas.  They are looking to expand to different parts of the country to grab up as many flipping deals as possible before the music stops.

This is where YOU come in.  If you want to use these money guys for your flipping deals as partners then this is your SINGLE ONE CHANCE to do this!

This means you'll be learning all the ropes of how this business works from my intense seminar then you'll be introduced to these multi-millionaire investor partners to make your connections AT THE EVENT!

Never before have I ever created an opportunity for my students to DIRECTLY meet my investor partners.  And, quite honestly, I probably will never do it again.  This is your ONE SHOT at meeting these people.  It's doubtful that there will ever be another opportunity like this one ever again.

My Students Who Attended the Event Met with REAL LIVE Investor Partners for Their Property Deals and Other Business Endeavors; You Can Discover EXACTLY What These People Are Looking to Invest In!

Okay, so maybe you missed your one single opportunity to meet with these investor partners one-on-one.  But, maybe you weren't quite ready for it.  Maybe you needed to build a little more confidence in what you're doing before presenting a deal to a prospective investor partner.

And maybe that was kind of smart on your part.

After all, I don't know how brilliant it would have been for you to sit in the middle of a group of multi-millionaire investors if you didn't know how to carry yourself or, worse yet, didn't have any type of deal that's a huge cash flowing endeavor to present to my people.

The good news is that by getting these videos, you'll get an opportunity to "peek in" to the event and see exactly what these people are like, what advice was given in how you should carry yourself in front of investor partners, how to find you own investors out there, and -- most importantly -- what EXACTLY to present to them DOWN TO THE NUMBERS of a deal to virtually guarantee that they'll want to write a check for the project right then and there!

By not attending the event, you missed out on meeting these people and I know that you know now I won't be publishing these people's names and contact information anywhere in any type of resource directory.  However, if you listen to the videos carefully, you'll be able to grab a couple of names of investors that were presented and you can look them up once you get yourself a solid deal together!

The nice part about this strategy is that I'm sure you realize the problem I've had over and over again in the past several years with my students.  They'll buy a course from me yet they don't read through my course materials.  They simply dig through all the stuff for my resource directory and start ringing folks up, knowing next to nothing about the process of purchasing a commercial real estate property.

And this makes me look bad.  Very bad.

This is how I've actually lost some of my most incredible, powerful money sources out of my "inner circle."  All I did was allow my newbie students access to them as a resource and, over several months or years, they got sick of the phone calls.  Usually these calls were in an effort for my newbie student to have someone take them under their wing and show them the ways of commercial real estate, thus wasting everyone's valuable time.

And REAL money sources don't do this.  That's NOT their job.  They aren't there to show you HOW to invest in real estate.  They are there to GIVE YOU THE DAMN MONEY for your deals that you're ALREADY SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO DO!

So...I burned a lot of precious bridges that way.  And people (students) wonder why I NEVER give up my personal investor partners.  Why would I?  If you had an awesome set of investor partners, would you give me or anyone else their contact information?  Probably not.  AND I HAVE EXPERIENCE!  So, would you give your investor partners up to a bunch of newbies who don't know the business.  Definitely not.  So, why would you expect that I would?

However, when you watch through EVERY MINUTE of EVERY VIDEO, not only will you be learning EXACTLY what to do in the investor partner process, you'll also be grabbing a valuable investor partner name or two of whom you may want to look up AFTER you understand what you'll be doing and AFTER you have a solid deal or business plan in place!

Use Investor Partners for Equity Partnerships on Deals, Use My 100% LTV Funder for Your Flips...OR DO BOTH!

During this event I show you a method of getting a 100% LTV on your SFR flips using a special strategy that WON'T LAST LONG!

Or, you can make connections and use an investor partner for your first set of deals or a larger deal that you'd normally never scrape together the down payment for yourself (or be able to qualify for via your personal/business credit).  During the event, I give you a single opportunity in which you can hook up with investor partners directly!

For this event, my investor partners requested that I speak longer so that I can fully explain the process of acquiring, rehabbing, and flipping SFRs so there isn't any question as to what will be expected of you for these types of deals.  This puts you in the perfect position of fully understanding what you're doing before you start seeking out valuable partnerships that you don't want to screw up with your lack of knowledge or inability to handle a rapport with these people.

In addition to seeing my investor partners (some of who speak at the event), you'll be able to get contact information to some of my funders for deals that can help you get financing on SFRs, multi-unit residential or residential-commercial deals!

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to or has the ability to get cash for their property deals to use for down payments or to cash out the deal 100%.

This is where my investor partners and funders come in.  Again, you'll get a single opportunity to be able to work directly with them even if you didn't show to the event through an exclusive group which is explained in my videos of this event.

The reason investor partners are so valuable is that they will help fund your first property (as an equity partnership) and you can either continue with them doing more and more deals or you can branch off, using the money you made from your deal with them and injecting it into your own personal real estate deals.

Investor Partners WILL Be Your Equity Partners!  They Are NOT Banks Giving Loans!

There is a common misconception with how my investor partners work.  Some students think they are a bank and they give up the money for an interest rate and term.  WRONG!

Investor partners TAKE A PIECE of the action.  They DO NOT charge an interest rate because they are NOT a funder or bank.

It's the same concept as if you and your best friend pooled your resources together to buy an apartment building and YOU decided to manage, rehab, etc. and he decided to put in a 20% down payment and put up his excellent credit to buy the building.  Since you have both known each other for 100 years, you agree to split the gained equity and monthly cash flow 50/50.

As you can see from the above scenario, you aren't paying your buddy an interest rate.  He didn't give you a loan.  You are partners in the deal.  This is something you NEED to understand when working with investor partners.

Also, instead of you getting 50% of the deal, you'll get more like 25% on your first deal so you can build up trust and a rapport with your new investor partner.  The deal will NOT exceed 5 years before you sell the property.  And he will get his initial investment back before any equity is split.

What does "gained equity split" mean?

It means that if the property was purchased at $1,000,000 and your investor partner put a 20% down payment into the deal or $400,000, the instant equity will be $400,000 since that's what was used to acquire the property.  You DO NOT split this equity because you didn't put the money in.  He did!

What you split is the GAINED equity, meaning when the building appreciates OVER the purchase price you split THOSE equity proceeds and not anything the investor partner put into the deal to acquire the property (including rehab costs). 

So, if your purchased million-dollar building sells for $1,500,000 after 5 years of holding it, the GAINED equity is $500,000 even though the total equity will be $900,000 (including the $400,000 down payment).  This is what you split (not including the monthly cash flow).  So, if you get 25% of the proceeds of the GAINED equity, you'll get $125,000.  The initial $400,000 down payment goes back to the investor partner as well as the 75% gained equity or $375,000.

There Were Some VERY Important Money Guys At This Event Including an International Investor and a Note-Buyer; You'll Have Access to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IF You Pay Attention to People's Names and Locations

By not attending this event, you missed out on meeting these people directly.  However, again, if you listen to the introductions and where these people are located, you'll be able to seek them out with a little bit of internet sleuthing.  However, I warn you: DO NOT CONTACT THESE PEOPLE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!  You'll learn about what to do through the video series.

There are also introductions to hard money guys and other lenders and brokers present at the event.  These people will offer you their contact information as well as their terms on loans they are giving so you can use them for a present or future deal so, again, if you pay attention, you'll be able to jot down and contact them after you have a series deal in mind.

PLEASE NOTE:  The people at my event are all NEW money guys.  They are in NONE of my current resource directories.  And they are all very anxious to start lending money to my students for their real estate deals and projects.

Discover How to Get a Million-Dollar Unsecured Line of Business Credit

If you're one of the many students who wait for my events to come out on video, you've probably noticed that in the past you've missed out on some things.  It seems that with every event I do, my sit-at-home-video-watching students miss out on more and more.

The good news is that the mechanics of getting a million-dollar unsecured business line of credit is covered in thorough detail and you can quickly catch on by simply watching the videos.

I have a special guest speaker who shows my students exactly how to get your million-dollar unsecured line of credit WHILE  AT THE 3-DAY EVENT!  That's how easy it is to set up!

This is cash you can use for down payments on properties, to start a new business, or to cash out properties to quickly flip them for a huge profit!  Can you imagine what a million dollars in cash can do for you?  It takes money to make money, as they say.  Now you can get some cash to make money too!

Plus...Hear a True "Rags to Riches" Story About a Man Who Started from Nothing and Acquired Over 100 Houses in Just a Few Years, Starting from NOTHING!

You'll get the opportunity to hear a very unique story directly from a man who was able to purchase hundreds of rental SFRs (single-family residences) in a short time starting from nothing and he'll show you EXACTLY how he did it AND HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

This is a powerful example of how anyone coming up from any walk of life can quickly and easily acquire a ton of property in a short period of time with a streamlined secret technique that anyone can do if you're willing to do the precise step-by-step system that WILL be laid out precisely for you! 

Get the Tools and Contacts You Need to Quickly Propel Your Real Estate Investing Business Forward!

  • No more excuses.
  • No more whining.
  • No more bitching.
  • No more complaining.


Over the years I've given you and my thousands of students EVERY TOOL IMAGINABLE to kick-start their real estate investing businesses.

Some of you have been wildly successful with my materials from building incredible personal and business credit to purchasing MHPs, SFRs, apartment buildings, and commercial properties to raising millions of dollars in capital for real estate and other business endeavors.

And some of you are still waiting for some magical ship to come in.

Every year I try to see how I can possibly top myself from the year before and the year before that.  I try to bring the best possible educational materials and experiences into my students lives.

Ever so recently I've begun to introduce my Total Wealth Building System (TWBS) so I can put my students on a fast track to retirement.  And it's working!  Like gangbusters, actually.

And now?  Now...I'm showing you how to find and present deals to investor partners who are LOOKING FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU to invest their money into SFR flipping and buy-and-hold cash flow deals with.

PLUS, you'll start the process of setting up your unsecured million-dollar line of business credit!

How could I possibly top that?

I don't know.  I doubt I can.  Because it doesn't get any better than that.

That's why I strongly believe, folks, that this will be my very last event.  I know I said it before it a woman's intuition...I believe this event is the absolute last of my speaking legacy.

And you can't miss it!  This WILL mean the difference between your success and failure in the years to come.

"Monica, Are You Speaking at the Event?"

Yes, absolutely.  Most of you should know by now that I attend and speak at all my events.  However, this one will be different.  There are A LOT of speakers.  Most of them are money guys including funders, lenders, brokers, and private lending sources.  AND REAL LIVE INVESTOR PARTNERS!!

At the event I'm covering my most cutting-edge investing strategy (that I've starting to do about a couple of months ago) that I've never presented at any other event so you can fully understand how I'm rapidly building my bottom-line net worth while gaining a solid cash flow.  I'll be presenting my flip-and-profit strategy while covering the funneling system to passive income to ensure that you can retire in 36 months or less. 

I'm also covering how to make fast profits from flipping apartment buildings.  And it's NOT AT ALL how you'd think you'd "flip" an apartment building.  (This is a strategy that's only for those of you who are looking to make a fast $50,000 to $250,000!) 

This is all important stuff and is presented quickly and effectively yet quickly so that all of our important "money men" can get their information out there to.

Pay Only a FRACTION of the Cost of Actually Having to Attend the Event in Person!

It isn't cheap to attend an event where you have to physically fly there, take a taxi or rent a car, get a hotel room, and pay for meals for a 3 day event...not to mention the $1,497 per person registration fee.  Sure, you would have missed out on meeting specific investors to possibly use as "money guys" for your future real estate deals but, since their names would have been mentioned on the videos, a little online sleuthing can get you their contact information.  Plus, by watching the videos, you'll also be exposed to an opportunity of working with guest speaker Robert Combs and a streamlined, direct opportunity in working with these exact investor partners (and many more that didn't attend the event).

So, yes, getting the videos to this 3-day event will be a powerful and profitable investment as an investor taking advantage of the last few real estate investing opportunities as our economy takes off full speed ahead.

If you have questions, call us at (661) 295-5050; we're here Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Don't miss out on your opportunity to get involved in some unique, never-before-revealed real estate investing strategies that only a handful of people know about...all included on this video series!

3-Day Video Series + Accompanying Workbook

Only  $697  $597  (plus shipping/handling)

What to Expect from the 3-Day Event Videos:

Day 1:  Newest Flipping Strategy Revealed to Make You $20,000 or More Per Month with NO CASH and NO CREDIT + "Deferred" Transactional Funding Strategies.

Day 2:  You'll Discover How to Flip Apartment Buildings AND a Powerful Method of Making Quick Cash with Real Estate by "Brokering" Online.  Plus, You'll Get the Secrets to Getting a $1,000,000 Business Line of Credit (BLOC) As Well As Quickly Fixing/Building Personal Credit While Building a Powerful Business Credit Profile Inside of 90 Days! 

Day 3:  How to Work with Millionaire Investor Partners; Property Rehabbing, Flipping and Lease-Up (for Buy-and-Hold Acquisitions) Will Be Revealed PLUS My LATEST Management Strategies Will Be Revealed.

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