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Money Funnel Event in Beverly Hills 

The Most Unique and Powerful Monica Main Event Yet

Discover How YOU Can Go from NOTHING to a $20,000-a-Day Business with a Very Unique and Highly Guarded “Funnel System” that NOBODY Has EVER Revealed Before…Until Now!

Beverly Hills Seminar Event Videos:  NOW AVAILABLE!

The Total Personal & Business Transformation Event…GUARANTEED to Fast-Track Your Success in ONLY 2 Days that Will COMPLETELY Transform Your Life Both PERSONALLY and FINANCIALLY...Now Available on DVD!

Dear Entrepreneur,

In the last handful of months I’ve hit on something that will absolutely blow your mind.  It blew my mind and it reminds me of the stuff that is going on in this “money-making underground” whereas only a small amount of people truly know about and understand what’s going on.

What am I talking about?  This online funnel model:

What does all this mean?  This is about to blow your mind so I hope you’re NOT reading this right before bedtime…otherwise you’re about to be up ALL NIGHT from sheer excitement at how quickly your life is about to personally and financially change forever!  But first…let’s go over something that I’ll be covering on Day One of the event then we’ll get to the money stuff.  Don’t think that this part isn’t important because THIS is what will get you success…

If You Have Always Suspected that There Are Psychological Barriers to You Achieving the Success You’ve Always Dreamed Of…You’re Absolutely Right!  You Are BLOCKEDAnd Until You REMOVE These Obstacles, You'll NEVER Becomes Successful on the Levels You Wants...But the Moment These Blocks Are Removed, You'll Instantly Be Able to Realize the Wealth, Abundance, Success, and Prosperity You've ALWAYS Wanted! 

I know you like the back of my hand.  How?  Because I am you.  And like you, I’ve struggled my ass off most of my life dealing with the demons of the past, an unsavory upbringing as a child, and too many self-esteem/self-worth issues to count.  I realized rather early on that I had to break through these blocks if I were to ever realize success and wealth beyond my wildest dreams.

But there was a problem

No matter what I tried – affirmations, prayer, positive thinking, chanting, tithing, yoga, smudging, and everything in between – nothing worked!  Nothing was giving me that breakthrough that I had a burning desire to have so that I could achieve the dreams that I always felt were slipping past me.

How I Tried Every “Metaphysical” Secret to Become Successful and NOTHING WORKED!

Yes, I watched The Secret.  Yes, I did the stuff in the video.  And…no surprise but nothing changed in my life!  Here’s why nothing worked:  I wasn’t working with what was going on inside of me.  Everything I was doing was on the outside.  And that is the WRONG way of going at trying to break through barriers.  Thinking that yoga or affirmations was going to really get deep inside me was all wrong because, well…long story short, I tried it with the best conviction for the longest period of time and, if anything, I was going backwards!

Why “Wealth Attraction” is a Misnomer and, IN ALL ACTUALITY, a Non-Realistic Concept

The whole “law of attraction” concept was lost on me when a well-known guru on the subject matter insisted that children attracted cancer, diseases, rape, and even murder.  This is when I realized that the “law of attraction” as how most people understand it, is actually rubbish!  Surprised?  I was.  You see, children (who are innocent souls) don’t have the subconscious baggage yet to attract such horrors in their lives. 

In a second, I’m going to briefly talk about a “life map” that we all design before we get here.  Such horrid experiences have to do with this map and not with attracting them.  In order to progress as souls and to learn every aspect about being a spirit in a human body, we will choose to have as many experiences as possible (no matter how unspeakable or horrifying they may be at times).  It would seem that many of these LOA (law of attraction) “gurus” are mistakenly combining our life plan with LOA which is not right.

Another self-help guru (recently passed on) would say that we become what we are.  While this is an interesting concept, this is also partially inaccurate as well.  We actually become who we want to be.  Unfortunately, who we become is dictated on a subconscious level by our brains through patterning.

My Staggering Breakthrough That Will BLOW YOUR MIND…or Your BRAIN, Rather!

Something staggering happened to me.  Out of all these techniques and strategies I was using, the only things that actually worked were those (non-metaphysical) methods having to do with MY BODY, specifically for my brain.  I know, weird, right?  But what exactly am I talking about?

First of all, let me EXPLAIN where all the damage of your childhood, past relationships, life failures, and all the “bad” experiences land to create barriers and obstacles.  They land in the brain in a multitude of different ways.  The pathways of your brain show up by learned behavior, experiences, and patterns.  The brain pathways look like patterns because that’s exactly what they are: patterns.  Just like the grooves in a record, the same “songs” will keep playing over and over in your life because the brain will always keep following those patterns, brain waves, or “grooves” like a trained soldier.

And that really sucks unless you know what to do to start altering those brain pathways.

I started noticing in my 20s that I had acute depression issues/problems.  I later found out that I “blew my adrenals” while also having burned out a good portion of my brain synapses due to extreme stress.  I think part of the problem with our country is that we don’t recognize or offer enough help for mental stress and illnesses and more people than you think have it, even if they’re not homeless people talking to themselves (yet).  With as stressful as life is coupled with the baggage of the past, it’s no wonder that most of us feel depressed, sad, full of anxiety and while constantly wondering why we’ve never realized our biggest dreams and goals in life.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there is something else that “sort of” determines your “destiny.”  It’s called a “life map” that was drafted out by you before you got here.  Believe it or not (and you may think that idea is far-fetched) but the majority of what takes place here on earth is based on free will.  Yes, free will.  You can do and be whatever you want.  Even better news (for you), is that if you’re reading this letter, you have a strong desire to become successful and “they” say that your desires reflect exactly what’s in that life plan of yours!

Fix the brain and fix your life.  Well, that’s a simplified version of it but it’s pretty close.  It’s more like…

Fix Your Body Energy Waves, Change Your Life!

Everyone alive has an energy field around their body.  Some would call it an aura.  I think that’s only part of the story.  Energy comes from within every living thing because we are functioning, consuming and converting energy; we burn and exude this energy.  In fact, anything moving exudes energy such as a train, automobile, and even a computer.  But…if the energy is not circulating correctly, it WILL cause problems to any human, animal, plant, or even a piece of machinery.  Eventually it’ll stop working, either in part or in whole.

My point?

If you’re body energy is out of sync, you’ll always have problems attracting what you want.  If your brain is out of sync with what you consciously want – mostly based on bad patterns from negative experiences, behaviors, habits, etc. – then no matter what you try to do, you will keep sabotaging yourself on a subconscious level and you’ll never achieve any of the goals you have for yourself. 

Your brain controls everything from your bodily functions to how you act and react to everything that happens.  It also controls your thinking and behaviors.  When your brain is broken, your life is broken.  Fix your brain by changing some of those brain pathways and you will change your life.

The good news is that you can make significant progress in just 2 ½ short days.  Yes, a long weekend can kick off the brain “rehabbing” process that will change your life.  Here’s how it works…

What I love about brain pathway and body energy “rehabbing” is that it’s based on pure science and not some hokey-pokey metaphysical concepts about meditating under a banyan tree to have the universe somehow start floating you million-dollar checks from the clouds.  We all know that “rules” of how the earth plane works, especially when it comes to capitalism and commerce.  And as far as I can tell, you kind of have to follow those “rules” to get what you want in life.  Yes, there are quantum physics ways to making things happen faster but you can’t just override the rules altogether.  As they say, you have to go with the flow.

How Working with HTP or Hypothetic Thought Process Coupled with Other Techniques Will Give You Virtually INSTANT Breakthroughs Within Hours of Starting the Event!

In the first day of this powerful event, you’ll understand how to find your barriers to success by simply focusing on what you want then working your way backwards through the “muck” (usually fears and anxiety) that’s holding you back from getting what you want.  You’ll be shown exactly what to do to clear all of those pesky success-blocking thoughts, beliefs, fears, anxiety, and sadness/depression that you have surrounding success and wealth.  You’ll map out exactly what is stopping you from achieving your dreams by making a very comprehensive list.  Once this list is made, you’ll then be able to start “unblocking” yourself with a series of powerful strategies that you’ve probably never hear of or done before so that you’ll be ready for the powerful Aggressive Income Strategy “reveal” in Day Two of this event!

The $20,000-a-Day Secret – Revealed on Day Two – For the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!

This is, perhaps, the most exciting part.  Now, let me back up for a fraction of a second.  Many of you may be wondering why I’m “making” you go through the Total Breakthrough/Transformation portion of this event BEFORE allowing you to see this cutting-edge.  There’s a reason for this.  Many of my students are given the exact, precise, and fail-proof step-by-step techniques for massive wealth generation.


They do NOTHING about the powerful cash flow tools that they are given.  One excuse after another comes into play from “I don’t have enough time” to “I’ll do it later, in a few months.”  Or whatever myriad of excuses come to mind.  But…there’s ONLY one bottom-line excuse: these students don’t feel worthy of success and they don’t feel like they have the ability to pull it off.  So they end up doing nothing then, years later, find themselves in another mentorship group of mine, buying another course, attending another one of my seminars or, in most cases, all of the above.  Still trying for success.  But still not ready to pull it off.

Without the breakthrough portion of this event, you’re probably not going to be any further along on your path to success a year from now than you are today.  And you’re certainly not going to be anywhere in 5 years from now UNLESS you do these breakthrough strategies (as presented in depth on the first day).  This is why the first day is so critical – and will catapult you to the fastest possible financial success IF (and ONLY IF) you deeply participate in these personal breakthrough techniques that are presented.

Okay, enough of all that.  You already know how important changing your mindset is.  So let’s talk about the rest of what I decided to break loose at this event that is so freaking exciting, I can’t wait another second to tell you about it!

The Highly Profitable Online Money Funnel That Will EXPLODE Your Bank Account Within MERE WEEKS of Starting Your Brand New Business From Scratch

I have to tell you the truth.  I was actually waiting to present this power-packed super secretive and brand new cutting-edge online cash flow strategy in my upcoming event in Vegas (May 2016).  But I realized that I simply CANNOT WAIT to present this to you for a few reasons:

  1. This information is incredibly timely; because this is mostly about online marketing (even though some of it can be done offline only if you choose to add this component), the main way to drive traffic to the other essential online marketing components is through online marketing.  No, it’s not by using Google Adwords or other pay-per-click (PPC) strategies.  It’s not by using eBay or Amazon.  It’s not at all about using banner ads, YouTube videos, blogs or any other strategies that you may suspect.
  2. I’m so excited about how financially powerful this brand new online marketing strategy is that there is absolutely NO WAY I can pull off doing a 2-day event on ANY other topic without mentioning how incredible this is.  So…why not just ADD this to the event on a dedicated day (Day Two)?  After all, by this time you’ll have the success mindset in place and you WILL follow through with everything you learn at this event because of your new subconscious reprogramming.  Why not give you a powerful cutting-edge method for making $20,000 a day online?  (I knew you’d agree.)
  3. I need to update my Internet Cash Flow System and I need event videos for this update.  I am constantly upgrading my courses.  Since the Internet Cash Flow System and New Wealth Ninja will be combined together as ONE course, I’ll be doing a hell of an update which needs videos.  This means that those of you who attend this event will get the FIRST GLIMPSE of this amazing online marketing strategy before everybody else does.  It also means that you’ll have to act on it fast before everyone else starts using it because that will create A LOT of competition VERY QUICKLY.  You’ll have the opportunity to find out this secret strategy and gain an upper hand over any competition coming in as a Johnny-come-lately because you’ll already have your business up and running before the videos are released.  And yes, it only takes a few days to completely set up your business.  That’s how fast it happens!  This is the FASTEST and most profitable online marketing strategy there is right now so it would be VERY SMART for you to show up to this event.

What’s the big secret?  What’s this secret strategy all about??  And why have I never mentioned any this before? 

First of all, as an entrepreneur with several businesses, investments, and other financial interests, I am constantly discovering new things almost every single day.  The Internet is the most rapidly changing medium for marketing.  It changes by the hour, it seems.  Without direct knowledge and access to these new strategies, you may as well give up on trying ANYTHING when it comes to making money online because…well, all the stuff (from even a few months ago) is pretty much obsolete now.  Sorry, but that’s how the ball bounces in this online biz.

Second of all, there isn’t just ONE strategy.  There are a small handful of strategies.  Here’s a little sketch of what the second powerful strategy is for a brand new information publishing online marketing secret:

Of course, there is a little more to it which will ALL be explained at this upcoming event, especially how you can massively profit from this above sketched paradigm even without having a single information product to start with.

Here’s another powerful illustration of what you’re about to discover.  All of these steps are COMPLETELY AUTOMATED so you’re literally making money when you’re sleeping.  If it seems like a lot, guess what?  It’s not.  You set it up ONCE in a day or two and it makes money week after week, month after month by itself without you doing much of anything.  I’ve never seen anything so easy, automated, and profitable since the INCEPTION of Internet marketing.  Seriously.

Now, many of us think that things have gotten harder online.  While that’s true, there is a new frontier that is opening up for those of you who want to listen.  And it’s opening up WIDE.  Maybe I should tell you a smidgen about it and why part of this online success equation is actually DIFFERENT than everything you’ve heard before.  I’ll give you PART of one of the secrets now.

Things in other countries are still much how they USED to be here in the United States.  This means that people are very receptive to marketing messages while we turn a blind eye and virtually ignore most of our emails, blinking banner ads, and even the most outrageous of marketing spectacles.  We have built up a heavy immunity to the very same marketing messages and strategies that used to be highly effective only a mere decade ago.

But that’s not the case in other countries like the UK, Australia, Canada and many other areas of the world!

In fact, not only are these international customers HIGHLY RECEPTIVE to marketing messages and creative copywriting in ads and sales pieces but they are incredibly interested in purchasing American products of pretty much ANY kind.  So, while everyone here in the United States is fighting over the same marketing-immune-and-repulsed consumers, people overseas are clamoring for the chance to buy American products including (and especially) information products on investing/making money AND many health supplement products.

The clincher is to use specific marketing messages selling specific products to specific international markets using specific online marketing strategies.  And THAT’S what I’ll be revealing to you.  It’ll be the first time ever that I reveal this top secret online marketing strategy.  And if you think international customers are cheap, scoff at paying high shipping prices, or have issues waiting several weeks sometimes to get a package, THINK AGAIN.  They are the ones who will pay MORE for your products, won’t mind paying high shipping costs, and will wait with baited breath for your package no matter how long it takes.  Yes, it’s a breath of fresh air.  And no, they’re nothing like the impatient, whiney cry-baby American consumer crowd.  I know, nice!  Right?

“But You Said All This Stuff is Timely So…How Long Can I Make Money With All This??”

You’re right.  It’s timely.  VERY TIMELY!  But you can slide on in, take first position in this newest and most effective set of online marketing strategies right now and permanently claim your spot for years to come.  And, if you focus at least 50% of your marketing positioning in the international market, you will NOT be dethroned from the profitable cash flowing Internet market for many, many years to come.

Will it take a lot of money to do this?  No.  You can get started with a few hundred dollars.  Your biggest investment will be in setting up shop including using this fascinating new tool that I only stumbled on a few weeks ago.  It’s a single tool that can help you do everything from allowing you to have a landing page (instead of getting a hosting service or a WordPress page), have an email blast system (without using Aweber or Infusionsoft a,k,a, “Confusionsoft”), set up your online marketing funnels (without gluing together multiple systems), and by quickly setting up a merchant account inside the system within a day (so that you can take all credit cards immediately).  This tool is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, making everything seamless and super easy like never before!

One more thing I should mention: you can start making money with this new online marketing funnel system within one week or less.  It’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen.  It’s nothing short of amazing and it’s incredible how far online technology has come even compared to a few short years ago.  All of this will completely blow your mind.  Guaranteed!

Day 3:  A Powerful Half-Day Training Session on Exactly HOW to Get Your Online Business Set Up NOW!

The Third Bonus Day (for Platinum VIPs ONLY) Can Be Reserved ONLY for a Handful of Students and is ALL ON VIDEO!

Day Three is ONLY for Platinum VIP attendees but it's all been recorded on video.  

This training day consisted of a very unique yet highly effective and groundbreaking Internet marketing strategy that is fully revealed in these videos.  This is a hands-on demonstrated session where we will work on direct step-by-step online training so that you’ll fully understand EXACTLY what you’ll need to do starting Monday morning using specific tools (including a secret website).  You’ll know which products to sell (and they’re not what you may think based on previous events we’ve done) and exactly HOW to sell them. 

If you really want this business, you must get these videos.  It will explain all of the tools and exactly how to use them for maximum profit impact in the shortest amount of time.  I’ve never done anything like this event and there definitely won’t be another event like it until May in Vegas.  Why wait that long?  Why not start making money right now??

The Most Amazing Money-Back Guarantee That I’ve EVER Offered!

The money-back guarantee that I’m about to give you is extraordinary.  If, after you leave the event, you start using all of the strategies I’ve given to you and you don’t start making money within 30 days, give me a call and I’ll give you your money back!  Yes, it’s the most brazen money-back guarantee I’ve EVER offered and this is because I know how powerful these strategies can be for you IF you decide to implement them.  (And you’d be a fool if you discovered this powerful information at this event and chose to do nothing about it.)

This is ONLY Meant for Those Who Are Really Serious About Making Some Major Personal and Financial Progress in 2016…Those Who Attend WILL Have All of the Tools and Strategies Needed to Make $20,000 Per Day With a Very Easy-to-Do Online Business

Listen, if you’re meant to be at this event, you’ll make it.  If you’re thoroughly sick of running on the treadmill of life and getting nowhere no matter how hard you pray, how many affirmations you recite, how many “good deeds” you do just to find yourself broke, frustrated, and miserable then you NEED to find a way to be at this event.  It has the ability to totally and completely TRANSFORM YOU over the course of a single weekend on every level imaginable!  And only you know how badly you need this transformation, this total personal and financial breakthrough that will finally allow you to have, be, and accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

But that’s not all.  You’ll also be given the exact set of cutting-edge online marketing strategies that have NEVER been revealed before.  Not only will you fully understand them but you’ll have all the tools necessary to fully implement them the second you get home.

See you at the top!

Monica Main

P.S.  This is the FIRST EVENT of its kind.  I was going to wait until May 2016 for my Vegas event to present this powerful information in very thorough detail along with another powerful money strategy but…I simply could not wait that long.  There is no way I can successfully pull off another type of seminar event without wanting to just blurt out this amazing cutting-edge online marketing strategy along with a complete business plan for ANY of my students to take and use instantly!  So…I said, “Hell, let’s just present this in Beverly Hills on the second day of the event!”  Now you can get it all on video!!

P.P.S.  Essentially this is two (2) powerful life-changing elements in one event.  You’ll be able to make a personal breakthrough by completely changing your mindset on the first day.  You may be rolling your eyes about that one but…if you are still in the same place in your life as you’ve been 5 years ago and nothing has really changed (yet you’ve wanted things to change) they you NEED a personal brain breakthrough otherwise you’ll be in this same exact place in 5 years from now.  And who wants that?  By the end of the first day, your brain will be “rewired” to the point where success will be a given as time moves forward, thus finally ALLOWING you to make money in the ways that you’ve been dreaming about for so many years.

P.P.P.S.  On the second day is when all of the online money-making stuff will be revealed.  If you plan on signing up and skipping the first day, you won’t be admitted into the event on the second day.  You need that brain “rewiring” breakthrough to be able to get past your obstacles to success…otherwise this will be just another event that you attend and do nothing with the information.  And yes, this information is powerful.  Again, not only will you fully understand this online money-making funnel but you’ll have all the steps in what to do and all the tools in which to do it with.

P.P.P.P.S.  How powerful would it be to leave an event knowing what product you’ll be selling online and how you’ll be selling it including finally having the precise tools needed to make $20,000 per day online?  There’s no price you can put on this.  None whatsoever!  Imagine how much your life is about to change.  And if you believe this is just another event, that’s YOU and YOUR faulty thought process.  It means that you have no confidence in yourself.  The system that I’ll be presenting works because I’ve tried it, done it, and have created a fail-proof method that you can use for yourself.  It’s just a matter of you deciding that you’re finally ready to make this major financial change, and I can’t make that decision for you.  Only you can!  Are you ready?


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